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PL*Dwa Formaty Kokaina


Pl*Dwa Formaty Kokaina  born 16.06.2018

MCO g  22 blue tortie tabby

Kokaina is super-cute blue tortie.
She moved to us from Monikas breeding - DWA FORMATY :).
She's  a child from No Name Nemesis and No Name Ofelia.
Kokaina's so, so, sooooo lovely kitty! She could spend all day in my arms and unfortunatelly..she's a HUGE glutton.
Kokaina could eat everything, what she ''hunt'' - tomatoes, chocolates... just everything what will stay on top.
Very harmony body, but what i love at all is shes muzzel  and menacing look- so gorgeus!
We love her so much! Thank You Monika! :)