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About Cattery

We are a small, domestic cattery and the cats form an integral part of our life. One might ask why choose this particular breed, amongst many others. The truth is, Maine Coon is not an ordinary cat - it is a walking intelligence mixed with cuteness. It is a cat which accompanies us everywhere. Long ago I gave up on my privacy - it simply does not work with those animals. ;) Morning toilet, cleaning, cooking - I perform all these activities under the watchful eye of my pets. :) A moment of relax on the couch? Yes, why not! But only if it fits us all. Need to check something on a laptop? Well, it turns out that the most convenient place to lay down is the keyboard! :) As you can see, I have to fight hard for my private space but although I often ask myself the question: "who lives with whom?", even for a moment I have not regretted my decision. By opting for the cat of this breed, you must remember one thing ... having a Maine Coon is a LIFESTYLE. Therefore, we select very carefully and with care the future owners of our kittens. We would like our little pets to have a wonderful and loving family.

Best regards and see you soon! :)


Our cattery is registered in the Cat Club Phoenix, which comes under the Polish Federation "Felis Polonia". FPL is the largest organisation in our country consociating Clubs and Associations of Felinology and also the only Polish member of the world's largest International Feline Federation - Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe). 

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