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CH Gentle Beast Hollywood



CH Gentle Beast Hollywood born 24.04.2016
 MCO ds 22 03 - red silver tabby with  white

Holly came to us from a distant Tatarstan, more specifically from its capital city Kazan, from the Gentle Beast breeding. You can say many good things about Holly; it is a gorgeous and elegant tomcat with a very sturdy bones, marvellous muzzle, ears and wonderfully thick, silvery fur coating. He has it all but the thing we love him the most for is his fantastic character. I have never met a cat that was such a cuddly, relaxing, stress-free darling like this one. He enchanted us all the very first minute we met him. Elena, I would like to thank you very much and say that I now understand why you called him a prince – he reigns our hearts adamantly. I hope he will continue to share his royal features with everyone.